Body & Health

Karate for Children

Come and learn new life skills in a fun and friendly environment. Karate focuses on the development of a positive mind, body and spirit. The benefits of Karate include a lifetime of success skills that help develop and increases self-esteem, confidence, concentration, character development, strength, fitness, flexibility and of course self-defense. Karate will also help improve relationships with teachers and peers inside and outside of the classroom.

Mail Andres Lynch or call 0172-905 08 82

Yoga for Teens

A super fun Yoga class just for teens, focusing on happy minds, bodies, and attitudes. Yoga helps promote flexibility, strength and coordination while incorporating healthy activity into daily life. Come by for a trial lesson! Tuesdays 16:00-16:45 at JFKS in room Y 106.

Mail Athanasia Tsavalas or call 0176-57 41 22 33.


Jazzercise, the original American dance fitness program (the mother of Zumba!), around for more than 40 years but constantly evolving with new moves, new music, always staying on the cutting edge of all fitness trends. Dance AND tone your muscles in one hour, and get the full benefits of a well-balanced total body fitness program. This class is fun and UNIQUE in Berlin!

Mail certified Jazzercise Instructor Michaela Hoeher or call 0172 875 5549.

Soccer for Children

Let your child enjoy the fun that soccer offers. In a group of max. eight we will learn early technics and methods of handling the ball with our feet. I am a licensed Trainer for Kids and would love to introduce your child to the most popular sports in the world. Kids from ages 3-6 are welcome to participate every Thursday from 15:00-16:00 at the Von-Luck-Str. gym.

Mail Stephen Evans or call 0176-64 95 82 65

Yoga for parents

Come and enjoy an hour of yoga after you have dropped your children off at school for the day. Fr. 8:30-9:30 in Von-Luck-Straße 24.

Mail Melissa Cattarius or call 0152 05 61 24 19.

Yoga for Kids

Through fun-filled yoga poses, movement and breathing exercises, children will gain self-confidence, increased flexibility and body awareness. We will play games that encourage coordination, balance and strength. Yoga for kids will create good habits and a foundation for well being, essential in today's hectic environment.

Mail Athanasia Tsavalas or call 0176-57 41 22 33.

Karen's Fit5 Fitness and Weight Management Programs

Personal Training – Individual Weight Management Programs – Segmental  Body Composition Analysis  –  Group fitness classes at Friendship Center on Von-Luck-Str. 24. Free trial class.

Mail certified personal trainer Karen Kalleja or call 802 90 02.