Special Activities

Guided City Tours in English or German

Sightseeing for new Berliners. Berlin and its history are best experienced by foot with a trained tour guide. Marika Nehl’s tours cover all the main sites and are great fun. Book your tour now.

E-Mail Marika Nehls or call 0176-80 19 71 05.

Robotics for kids

The exciting world of robots and coding. Robotics classes offered by Smart Kids Academy at JFKS. Based on LEGO Mindstorms robot kits, the classes promote computational thinking together with creative problem solving and teamworking skills. But most importantly: It is great fun to tinker with the LEGO parts, motors and sensors to find solutions to small challenges in the world of robots! The classes take place on Tuesdays (JFKS Hort, 2.30 pm and 3.45 pm) and Wednesdays (Main school building, 2.15 pm and 4.30 pm). The ongoing format of the classes allows children to join anytime. For more information or registration please contact Dr. Alexander Graf or refer to www.smak-academy.de.